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Perhaps more than they’d like to admit, your buyers are influenced by others’ opinions. Social norms influence buyers’ behavior, including their purchases of the best selling information products. Here, you’ll learn why it’s important to read other people’s internet marketing product reviews and see for yourself before making a purchase decision.

The Power of Social Proof

Social proof is a psychological occurrence where a person’s decisions are influenced by others’ behaviors. Internet marketing reviews are a great example of social proof, as they have substantial effects on customers’ purchasing decisions. When a customer reads reviews of the top internet marketing products, they depend on those ratings to assess the quality of the product. They read other people’s comments and ask questions such as:

  • Will this product work for me in the same ways that it worked for others?
  • Is the product as good as the author claims? What do previous customers really think?
  • How long will I have to wait to download the product? What were others’ experiences during the download stage?
  • Based on others’ reviews, what problems can this product solve?

How Reviews Guide Customers’ Purchase Decisions

According to info from YouGov, 78% of consumers visit an internet marketing product review site before making a buying decision. The report reinforces previous findings that prove that buyers trust online product reviews just as much as they value recommendations from those they know. At the other end, 80% of consumers cited negative reviews as a reason not to buy a Private Label Rights product. People take good reviews as proof that the latest internet marketing products are worth buying.

How Reviews Shape Future Feedback and Customers’ Perceptions

According to a recent study, the average rating for an IM product with 11-20 reviews is 3.5/5 stars, with one-star reviews at approximately 12%. The average rating increases as the overall number of reviews rises; therefore, the more reviews customers leave, the likelier they are to be positive.

Apart from reassuring customers who are on the fence about buying internet marketing training courses, customer reviews provide other forms of social proof. Online reviews affect how brands and products are perceived, and they affect how others speak of a product when they leave their own reviews. A customer offering their opinion of a highly-rated t isn’t likely to offer a counterpoint to all that positive feedback.

Online reviews can greatly shape a customer’s decisions, especially when buying the best PLR products. For more information, check out the rest of our IM product review blog.